Erasmus University Rotterdam

The Erasmus University Rotterdam usually welcomes more than 5,000 exchange students every year. With interesting courses and a great variety of activities, the university offers a learning environment that helps students to make new experiences, as well as getting to know people from all around the world and thus, paves the way for academic and personal development.

I studied at the Erasmus University Rotterdam during the fall semester of 2019. From my experience, the educational system in the Netherlands is strongly oriented towards practical and interactive learning. Therefore, many courses are either taught in small groups or accompanied by separate tutorial sessions, which frequently involve group works, presentations and in-class discussions. I obtained the feeling that students are encouraged to not only study but to critically reflect on issues and to form their own opinions. Furthermore, there is a wide range of activities available on campus including various sports classes, filming contests and weekend trips with the local student network.

Rotterdam is an excellent place for students to live, since it offers all the advantages of a big city without being too crowded. The friendly and open-hearted attitude of locals helps students to immediately feel at home. Furthermore, Rotterdam is a very modern and international city, which becomes apparent in the great diversity of restaurants and bars, as well as the variety of artistic and cultural offers and impressive architecture. The only thing you should always keep in mind is: Never leave the house without your raincoat!


Stefanie Radetzky, Studentin B.A. Kultur und Wirtschaft: Anglistik/Amerikanistik / Bild: Stefanie Radetzky

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